The basic Residential Program lasts about seven months and is comprehensive, Christ-centered and Bible-based.

For descriptive and evaluative purposes, our Program has the following categories, namely:

a. Spiritual - dependence on God.

b. Mental - renewal of the mind.

c. Emotional - healing of damaged emotions

d. Behavioral - tracking new and healthy behavior.

e. Vocational - positive work attitudes.

f. Physical - restoration of physical well-being.

The main thrust of our program is spirituality-- Christian spirituality. We view addiction as the complex result of an individual's separation from God and the lack of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Bible is our most important resource material for recovery. As our main tool, we use a 12 Step Program adopted from Alcoholics Anonymous but given an explicit Christian orientation.

Residents are treated with dignity and respect in an atmosphere of love and trust, which does not preclude discipline. But like everything else that we do, discipline, when administered, is consistent with Scripture.

The basic residential program also has three phases: the Entry Phase (duration: 1 month),Intensive Phase (duration: 3 months) and the Re-entry Phase (duration: 3 months). Movement through the phases is a function of a resident's commitment to his growth process and his participation in the program.

6:30 AM       Wake-up & Wash-Up
7:00             Breakfast
8:00             Quiet time
8:45             Household chores
10:00           Personal Hygiene
10:30           Morning Devotion
11:15           Morning Meeting
12:00           LUNCH
1:00 PM       Laundry/Nap
2:00            Seminar/Twelve Steps
3:00            Snacks
3:30            Bible Study/Step Work/Group Session
5:00            Exercise/Sports/Caseload/Free Time
7:00            DINNER
7:45            Prayer/Reflections/Journal Writing
8:30            Evening Circle ( Wrap-Up)
10:00          Lights Out!

Parallel to the recovery program for the resident in treatment is a recovery program for his family. This is a requirement for significant family members and takes place every other week.


• Individual Family Conference/Dialogue
• Lectures
• Small Group Discussions
• Fellowship

The basic Residential Recovery Program costs (Phil)P45,000.00 a month. This amount covers:

• Board and lodging
• Free use of facilities
• Program materials
• Family Program

An admission fee of (Phil) P7,500 is charged upon admission. This amount covers expenses for Physical Examination, Psychological Testing & Evaluation, as well as documentation.

A more flexible and individualized program for individuals who have finished the basic Residential Program but require more care and attention. Includes counseling, accountability, work, ministry immersion, and regular drug testing.



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